Dental Services Available

Dental Diagnosis & Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment planning of examination findings.
Prioritization and phasing of long term or complicated treatment plans.
Digital Radiographs (over 50% less radiation and less environmental impact than traditional X-rays).
Intraoral photographs.

Preventive Dentistry

dental x-ray Fluoride
Dental exams
Digital X-rays (Panoramic and Intraoral)
Patient Education
Periodontal Therapy
Routine Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

General & Pediatric Dentistry

dental bridge

Desensitizing of teeth
Porcelain restorations
Bridges (pictured above)
Oral surgery / Extractions
Temporal-Mandibular Disorder
Restorations (fillings) in a variety of materials based on structural needs and cosmetic requirements

Implant restorations AND CASE DESIGN:
"With his extensive experience, Dr. Jerlinga is your best choice for dental implant restoration."

Cosmetic Dentistry

tooth whitening

Teeth whitening
Porcelain crowns
Cosmetic bonding
Tooth colored fillings (Conventional Placement and Ultrasonic Placement)

Dental Appliances

dental appliances

TMD splints
Partial dentures
Dentures (relining and repairs)
Occlusal guards (protects from grinding or clenching)
Athletic mouthguards