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What are Cavities?
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Gum Disease
What is Gum Disease?
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American Dental Association Website   Mouth Healthy Website 

American Dental Association ®
The American Dental Association ® is America's leading advocate for oral health. Learn the importance of oral health and how it is related to overall good health.

Mouth Healthy™
Mouth Healthy™ is an American Dental Association ® consumer website aimed at helping you take better care of your oral health. Mouth Healthy™ Kids also provides videos, games, quizzes and activities for youth to understand oral care.

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On Call Doctors
[Doctors Dr. Jerlinga utilizes when he is on vacation.]

Bay Oral Surgery & Implant Center
WEST – 2353 S. Ridge Rd Suite 1; Green Bay, WI 54304 | 920-499-0471
EAST – 2981 Voyager Dr.; Green Bay, WI 54311 | 920-593-2900

Dr. Marcus Vanderleest
2913 Glendale Ave.; Green Bay, WI 54313 | 920-434-3950

Specialists We Work With

Oral Surgery
Bay Oral Surgery & Implant Center

Dr. William Swetlik
Dr. Brett Olm
Montoure & Hanson Orthodontics

Dr. Patrick Laughlin
Dr. Paula Crum

Pediatric Dentistry
Park West Pediatric Dental

Jeffrey S. Ryther, DDS, MS, SC.